Live Stream Video Player FAQ

Device: (Laptop, Smart TV, iPad, Phone)

Browser: (Safari, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.)

If you see this screen you are all set to watch the live stream!

If you see the password box, enter the password that was emailed to you when you purchased your ticket:

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After you enter your password, if you are asked to enter a Two-Factor Authentication Code, this code will be emailed to the same email address as your password. This code will not be emailed until it is needed. You may copy and paste this code from your email, do not worry about upper and lower case letters.

After entering your Two-Factor Authentication Code, if you receive the following error message about pop-up blockers, cookies, and cross-site tracking, follow the instructions below:

On an iPad or iPhone: Go to Settings>Safari. Turn off Block Pop-ups, PreventCross-Site Tracking, and Block All Cookies.

Once this is completed, return to the video player and try to log in again. When you are asked for the Two-Factor Authentication Code, a new Two-Factor Authentication Code will be emailed to you. 

Please remember that once you log into the video player, if you decide to watch on a different device or browser, you will need to go through the log in process again.

I encourage everyone to log in well before the start time, so we can try to get all of the issues resolved.

If you have a problem email me at

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