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Live Stream Concert

March 30th    7:30pm

Stuck in our homes!  Concerts cancelled!  That won’t stop us from making music and spreading the joy.  Join us for our first Live Stream Concert Event.  Pop the popcorn, bring out the chips and dip, & gather the family for this special online event.

You might be aware that cancelled tours and engagements not only affect us but also all the invaluable people (and their families) that work with us.  We hope this will be a way to continue to bring you music and help our amazing musicians, support staff, and beyond.

Scroll down on this page to view the screen where the event will be broadcast.  Follow the prompts on the screen to purchase tickets and read the instructions on how to watch the concert.

*Note that the video will be available to view one time only during a 24 hour window as a curtesy to those in different time zones.

Meals On Wheels

As you know, a vast number of people continue to be affected by this terrible virus.  There are those among us that it has hit hard, especially those that were already compromised.  So we are honored to say that we have partnered with Meals On Wheels to raise donations for the great work they do in assisting those in need.

For more detailed information about Meals On Wheels, click here.

Please use the link below when donating.

Stay safe!  Stay well!  And we look forward to being together soon!



Our first David Phelps Live Stream event has ended.

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Thank you all for participating!!



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