Phelps Phan Task Force

That’s right…we’re bringing back the Street Team!  The Phelps Phan Task Force is our new street team that can help us get the word out for all things Phelps.  A concert in your area, a new record release, a TV appearance, or anything that you want the world to know.  Sign up on any tour date listing or by clicking HERE.  You’ll be contacted when you’re drafted to active duty!


Here are some of the things you might be asked to do as a part of the Team:

  • placing stickers, flyers and tour posters in your community
  • bringing friends to concerts
  • phoning the local radio stations to request their songs for airplays & voting in the charts
  • taking music to local churches or venues and inviting the staff to local events
  • posting to forums and bulletin boards online
  • assisting with event logistics
  • enlisting volunteers for an event in your area

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