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The Barn Volunteer Signup

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Age Requirement*
Due to safety concerns and insurance liability, we have a minimum age requirement of 14 for our volunteers.
How did you hear about this volunteer opportunity?*
Are you wanting to volunteer once or join our volunteer team for all future Barn events? Either is fine, we need both!*
Are you interested in being a Team Leader? A Team Leader coordinates volunteers for their area of service.*
Do you have physical limitations that would prevent you working in certain areas? Many jobs require standing for long periods of time or heavy lifting. Please note any medical conditions that should be considered in your job assignment.*

Expertise and Interest

Our current Volunteer Teams Include:




Green Room



Box Office




We have many job assignments that require varied interest and skills. Please let us know any special training, skills or hobbies that you may have in these areas.
Code Of Ethics*
Volunteers are an important asset to our Barn Bash Events. We couldn’t do what we do with out the help of so many selfless volunteers! As a volunteer, you represent The Barn at the Phelps Farm. As such, it is important that you adhere to our Code of Ethics. As a volunteer with The Barn at the Phelps Farm I agree to: •Conduct myself in a professional manner. •Maintain high standards of integrity and honesty. •Treat all members of the public, employees and other volunteers with respect and courtesy. Basically, we expect our volunteers to Love God, love each other and be Kind!
Photography or Videotaping Consent*
I understand that The Barn @ The Phelps Farm or David Phelps Concerts may photograph or videotape their events or activities in which I am (or my child is) participating. I give my permission for The Barn at the Phelps Farm or David Phelps Concerts to use photographs or videotape of me (or my child) for the purpose of merchandise sales and/or promoting The Barn or David Phelps Concerts and its programs/events.
Release of Liability*
I understand that during my volunteer services for The Barn at the Phelps Farm or David Phelps Concerts, I (or my child), in case of injury or illness am not (is not) covered under The Barn at the Phelps Farm nor David Phelps Concerts insurance; and I further understand and agree that, in connection with any injury or illness that I (or my child) may sustain during the course of my (or my child’s) volunteer work, that I waive any right or remedy that I (or my child) may have against The Barn at the Phelps Farm or David Phelps Concerts and its employees available to me for injury or illness. I release The Barn at the Phelps Farm and David Phelps Concerts and/or its employees from any and all liability arising form my (or my child’s) volunteer services.
Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our events at The Barn at the Phelps Farm! For each event we have a limited number of volunteer positions to fill. Our event coordinator will contact you prior to an event if we have a position available.
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